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Black Friday Deals 2009!

Black Friday Deals 2009

As we approach the 2009 Black Friday Deals, consumer sites are warning about fake Black Friday Deals coupons online.

Last week, several 2009 Black Friday Ad Deals posted online were reported fake by Reuters. The result caused consumers into confusion and retailers’ legal departments into a hunt for the cause.

How do you protect yourself against fake Black Friday Ad Deals? First, hear the news directly from the source. Retailers post on their website teasers. They tell you even several days ahead of time hints on

a. products that will be discounted
b. percentage of discounting
c. how to effectuate the deal.

Apple is an excellent example. In 2009, days ahead of Black Friday, Apple gave you a teaser. It included the products subjected, a suggestion of the quantity of products in the deal, and even delivery information.

It read “Come back to the Apple Online Store this Friday for a special one day only Christmas shopping event. You’ll find dozens of great iPod, iPhone and Mac gift ideas, all with free delivery.”

It was all right on their website.

As you can see, three things worked:

1. The notice came directly from the retailer rather than some 3rd party website.

2. The notice in fact gave a suggestion of which products might get Black Friday discounting.

3. The information was on one website and only one website – Apple’s.

“It got an email sent to me”, “this is secret information” – those lines are typical of the fake deals being posted online.

How big are the discounts? LALATE in 2008 covered’s Sharp Aquos 42 inch tv LCD HDTV. It was offered on Black Friday for $999.98, compared to a list of $1500, an approximate 33% saving.

So for buyers always wait to get the information from the retailer and rely on information on their website. However, prepare ahead of time. Choose your products and know their normal full retail price ahead of time so that when Black Friday notices come you will be ready.

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