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Levi Johnston Playgirl PICS!

Levi Johnston Playgirl PICS

PICS! Get ready for the Levi Johnston’s Playgirl pics as new details about the photos are released today. Levi Johnston’s rep confirm when and how the Playgirl spread will be shot. As reported earlier on LALATE, Levi Johnston’s photo shoot was scheduled for late October.

Now Johnston’s manager says the spread will be done November 16. Soon Bristol Palin’s baby daddy – who this month is doing advertisements for snack food nuts too – will turn the cameras on himself.

Johnston’s rep confirms the Alaska native has been hitting the gym routinely for three weeks, six days a week. How much can three weeks to transform Levi Johnston? It may change his body, but not his attitude, distanced from the Palin family because of his outspoken remarks about the former governor and her family.

In fact his photo spread will be shot the same day as Sarah Palin appears on Oprah – November 16.

Here are other pictures of Johnston:

Levi Johnston Pictures
Levi Johnston Photo 1
Levi Johnston Photo 2
Levi Johnston Photo 3
Levi Johnston Photo 4
Levi Johnston Photo 5
Levi Johnston Photo 6
Levi Johnston Photo 7
Levi Johnston Photo 8

While Playgirl is not given guidance as to an exact release date, expect it to to be the holiday issue.

Holiday spreads in magazines of this genre can be big bucks for a publisher, even in a declining publishing market. For Playboy it was Kim Kardashian’s release month.

The 19 year old Johnston claimed he hasn’t decided which side to reveal for an undisclosed amount. But this week reps confirm it will all be shown.

The Palins have not commented about the spread.

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