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Jeff Lewis’ Boyfriend – Who is Jeff Lewis Dating?

Jeff Lewis' Boyfriend - who is Jeff Lewis Dating

Who is Jeff Lewis dating? Is Jeff dating and does Lewis have a boyfriend? Flipping Out fans are raising their Pollo Loco salsa containers in salute of their favorite reality tv host.

But as the season comes to an end, after weeks of episodes in which Jeff and Ryan Brown’s business relationship slowly appears to fall apart, fans want to know – is there someone in Jeff’s life that is making him happy?

One LALATE reader’s comment to Jeff may have summed it up best –

Hey guys, in case you have not noticed, you love each other. Get over it kiss and make up.

For weeks, the relationship of Brown and Lewis has continued to fall. During a recent trip to a local Cantina for Margaritas and Mexican food with Jenny (the location, Venice residents will recognize is Washington @ the beach), Ryan found fault with Jeff often coming at him with complaints without evidence.

Ironically, later Jeff would reveal he wants to adopt … and wants Ryan’s extra frozen embryos. Ryan called Jeff’s request for the extra embryos “sick”. Jeff offered Ryan Costco-esq pricing for the remaining 20 embryos to which Jeff added he would give the extra embryos away as Holiday gifts.

Should Ryan have given Jeff embryos? At just $5,000?

UPDATE. Jeff is dating Gage Edward. Click HERE for more.

Gage Edward Pictures
Gage Edward Photo 1
Gage Edward Photo 2
Gage Edward Photo 3
Gage Edward Photo 4

LALATE has called Flipping Out the best reality tv show on TV currently, and one of the best programs on television today.

In the end, the embryos stayed on ice, the relationship between Jeff and Ryan got more frigid, leaving viewers asking, not rather Jeff is dating, but could Jeff and Ryan date – or ever work – together again.


  1. Marco

    November 23, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Jeff is dating a Dr. named Grant Matheson. They are very private for some reason….

  2. Nanci

    February 9, 2010 at 2:01 am

    My boyfriend and I started watching it in season 3, we wish we knew about it from the beginning. We sooooo look forward to Tuesday nights. Jeffy is great, and dump Ryan, he is a liar. We also love Jenni and Zoyla. The whole show is great. I wish we knew when it was coming back on. My boyfriend has OCD, but not quite as bad as Jeffy.

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