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Kanye West NOT Dead – No Kanye West Car Accident

Kanye West NOT Dead - No Kanye West Car Accident

Did Kanye West die in a car accident? No. Kayne West is not dead; West was not in a car accident as Twitter mania asks Tuesday evening.

The 32 year old West today is the latest round of fake celebrity deaths. As widely reported on LALATE, fake celebrity deaths are most often of music celebrities, by virtue of a repeating fake storyline of crashes (plane, train, or car), with the fake story breaking in the evenings, and generally Sunday afternoons.

This evening’s West false reports hits not different than ones for Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne in recent months – except it launches midweek. In the first half of 2009, fake celebrity deaths usually hit around 3 pm PST on Sundays, seen potentially as a slow period for press to refute the rumors as false.

But in the second half of 2009, celebrity deaths have swirled midweek and now about film stars. Strangely, tv and sports stars have rarely if ever be a victim of the trend.

The nature of the deaths have unchanged. Crashes, accidents, cars, planes – it’s all the same over and over again. By summer 2009 there was a repeat of the bizarre foreign hotel story. That fake foreign hotel trend (grew ill from bad hotel food, sudden hotel collapse for unknown reasons, etc) has fallen off in recent months too.

Nevertheless Kanye is not dead. Kanye is alive. Miley Cyrus is alive. And Lil Wayne is doing fine.


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