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Uruguay vs. Argentina En Vivo!

Uruguay vs. Argentina En Vivo

Tonight FIFA soccer qualifiers continue with Uruguay vs. Argentina. Catch En Vivo CONMEBOL’s FIFA qualifying soccer game game of Uruguay vs. Argentina as the number 4 and 5 team meet. The Uruguay vs. Argentina game has a start time of 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST. UPDATE: CLICK HERE FOR THE COPA AMERICA 2011.

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All the CONMEBOL teams meet in tonight’s games.

But for Uruguay vs. Argentina, it’s one of the closest expected matches. Rankings going into Wednesday’s World Cup FIFA Qualifying soccer game are as follows: Uruguay #5 (6-5) and Argentina #4 (7-6).

Argentina’s big scores have come from Lionel Messi, producing 6 goals so far. Also impressive have been Juan Riguelme (4), Estaban Cambiasso (2), Maxi Rodriguez (2) and Carlos Tevez (2).

For Uruguay, numbers have come from the most from Diego Martin Forlan with 7 goals so far. He’s followed by Sebastian Abreu (5), Luis Suarez (5), CarlosBueno (4), and Diego Alfredo Lugano (4).

CONMEBOL rankings as of the fourth round of FIFA qualifiers puts the top three teams as follows 1. Brazil, 2. Paraguay, 3. Chile.

The action kicks off today at 6 pm on the DISH Network. Before it catch Brazil and Venezuela (4 pm), and after it catch Paraguay and Colombia (8 pm).

For this and other FIFA soccer matches today on LALATE, click here:

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