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Cole Hamel’s Wife Heidi Strobel PHOTOS!

Cole Hamel's wife Heidi Strobel PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of Heidi Strobel Hamel (Survivor, Playboy), wife to Phillies’ Cole Hamel. Heidi Strobel and Cole Hamel have a big day ahead of them – she’s about to give birth, he’s about the pitch game two of the National League Division Series.

Heidi Strobel Pictures
Heidi Strobel Photos 1
Heidi Strobel Photos 2
Heidi Strobel Photos 3

30 minutes ago, local NBC reports the Hammels indicate she could go into labor any minute now.

Heidi is best known as the former contestant on Survivor Amazon for which she finishes fifth. Heidi would then do a super hot Playboy. The couple have been married since 2006.



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