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Flipping Out Jeff Lewis Tragedy?

Flipping Out Jeff Lewis Tragedy

SPOILER? Does a tragedy hit Flipping Out’s cast including Jeff Lewis? Is there a death, or just the death of a business relationship? The hunt for Flipping Out tragedy spoilers is underway after last night’s episode.

But what prompted that?

Flipping Out has been all spoilers in recent weeks as the conflict between Jeff and Ryan hits a boiling point. Jeff finds Ryan pulling in business from online website promotion and feels betrayed. Jeff confronts Ryan about it. From there, it’s all downhill with the former couple and now business associates confronting if they can even mend their current wounds.

But — does someone actually die? Ironically, a question about death could have been answered by Jeff Lewis himself. Lewis answered questions before this week’s episode. He twitters October 2:

I’m answering questions again the hour before next week’s episode. You can ask questions for Zoila, Jenni, Tracey, or Sarah too.

Yes, Jeff, Zoila, and Jenni do not die. In fact, this Friday, Jeff hits up Jimmy Fallon. He also appears on What Happens Live Thursday and on Bonnie Hunt Wednesday.

LALATE has called Flipping Out one of the best shows on television, a splendid mix of entertaining characters and tongue and cheek conflicts that confronts how personalities can tear apart a workplace apart while bringing other employees together.

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  1. Dwayne

    July 17, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    What kind of twisted sick person is Jeff, to laugh about little kids getting poisoned from insecticide at one of the houses he is working on, not a little laugh slipped out it was a repeated over and over laugh everytime he coaxed some of the workers to repeat how the little kids were pukeing outside, and this a**#@^* wants his own kids, He should be legaly restricted from ever haveing any contact with kids permanently, this is a person that should be locked up in a mental hospital forever.

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