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Emma Niederbrock and Syko Sam

Emma Niederbrock and Syko Sam

PHOTO! A community is still searching for answers in the death of Emma Niederbrock and the arrest of her boyfriend, Horrorcore rapper Syko Sam (Richard Samuel McCroskey III).

What is horrorcore? Emma Niederbrock was remembered last weekend in a service that did not blame her death on her love of a particular genre of music. Horrorcore blends horror lyrics into a subgenre of hiphop.

The Rev. Sylvia S. Meadows told people in attendance:

“Music has a way of affecting the way you think, the way you feel”.

Meadows said of their community:

“We can no longer live as though certain groups don’t exist. We can no longer pretend that darkness and forces of evil aren’t right under our noses.”

McCroskey’s sister still can’t understand what went wrong:

“I want to hear his voice. I am so concerned, so worried — not just for him [but] other people, other families involved dealing with this loss”.

Dead are Emma, her father, her friend Melanie Wells, and her mother Debra Kelly. Emma had invited McCroskey to go to a Horrorcore festival.

Click HERE for more of the shocking details.


  1. SatanicCultMurder

    October 9, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    This was not some isolated killing by a lone nut killer.

    It was an act of Anti-Christian Terrorism:

  2. just me

    March 7, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    I don’t wish to pass judgment on anyone but I do know that satanic music dulls your senses and makes you emotionally numb. It tortures your soul and you don’t even realize it. People who listen to this type of music feel they are missing something in their lives and probably feel unwanted or unloved. Satanic culture whether it is musick, movies, books, posters, etc. is just that–satanic, from satan. Instead of reaching out to satan reach for the Lord instead. Pray to the Lord to change your life, give your life to Him. Buy the Bible instead of satanic cd’s. The Lord can and will save you if you just believe in Him.

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