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NYS Unemployment Benefits!

NYS Unemployment Benefits

NYS Unemployment Benefits have received new funding to help thousands in New York State. The NY State Dept of Labor ( announces new unemployment benefits amounting to $15 million to aid New York State residents in the current labor market.

State Labor Commissioner M. Patricia Smith announced $15 million will train more than 6,200 workers. Smith explains the move to provide benefits even in a tight labor market.

“As citizens of the Empire State, we all have a moral obligation to lift up our fellow New Yorkers who may have fallen through the cracks as a result of the current recession. For hundreds of workers in Central New York, this funding will provide them with a basis to succeed not only in the workplace, but also in life.”

The Labor Department’s Emerging and Transitional Worker grants is described by the NYS Labor in a statement days ago:

“[It’s] intended to give emerging and transitional workers – those with little or no connection to the workforce – the skills necessary to successfully obtain employment and advance their careers. Tools offered include career planning, work readiness training, High School Diploma or Equivalent preparation and basic occupational skills training. In some instances, the training will include in-demand sectors such as green collar occupations, health care and advanced manufacturing, as well as collaboration with community colleges.

Governor David A. Paterson said of the new benefits:

“I meet low-income workers every day, and I know that the current recession has been very difficult for every one of them. Many of these men and women are looking for opportunities to make their lives better. The Emerging and Transitional Worker grants will touch the lives of thousands of New Yorkers in nearly every corner of the state, enriching families and communities, and most importantly, providing them with a pathway out of poverty.”

To find out more about the Department of Labor and its services for businesses and workers, please visit

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