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Jon Gosselin to TLC – Off My Property!

Jon Gosselin Throws TLC Off His Property

A Thursday letter by Jon Gosselin keeps TLC off his property. But a sign posted by “Jon Gosselin” keeping TLC off the estate may be fake.

Jon Gosselin tells TLC Thursday that they are not allowed on the property he and Kate owns.

“Effective immediately no production crews are to enter Jon Gosselin’s family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authority to effectuate Police action against any trespassers.”

A printed sign photographed by press Thursday hangs from the Plus 8 mansion. But is the sign a fake? According to Wikipedia, Gosselin’s full name is “Jonathan Gosselin”. The sign however spells it “Jonathon”.

The sign reads as follow:


“Penelty”? Gosselin’s attorney adds Thursday in a demand letter to TLC:

“[Kate Plus 8 is] a new program known as ‘Kate Plus 8′ would certainly require the acquiescence and consent not only of Kate Gosselin but Jon Gosselin, who is the father of the eight Gosselin children, which consent Jon has not given and if necessary, Jon is prepared to seek Court intervention to make sure his children’s best interests are protected.”

Earlier this week, TLC removed Jon from the title of his own reality show.

For the rest of Gosselin’s claims against TLC, click here

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