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Megan Fox Supergirl PHOTO!

Megan Fox Supergirl PHOTO

PHOTO! Here is the Megan Fox Supergirl picture that of course is a fake. Megan Fox hits Monday as a Supergirl just months after she flew in as Wonderwoman also online. It’s enough to make any Wonder Twin active!

Megan Fox Super Hero Pictures
Megan Fox Supergirl Photo
Megan Fox Wonderwoman Photo 1
Megan Fox Wonderwoman Photo 2

As celebrity deaths are to Miley Cyrus, fake action hero photoshopping is to Megan Fox. It seems a weak doesn’t go pass that the Hall of Justice isn’t looted by some photoshopaholic to do the old cut and paste of Megan’s face on the torso someone else from out of this world.

Fake, but still hot.

But where’s the harm? At least the pictures are so hot that they’ll make the Green Lantern turn red in the face. Today’s Supergirl entry comes with little hoopla unlike the Wonderwoman splash that even got a website and official countdown date several months back.

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