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Who is Big Poppa on Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Posted: September 25th, 2009 in Jared Najjar, Kim Zolciak, Lee Najjar, Real Housewives of Atlanta by LALATE

Who is Big Poppa on Real Housewives of Atlanta

Who is Big Poppa on Real Housewives of Atlanta? Lee Najjar and Kim Zolciak must be shaking their heads if Big Poppa’s identity is still unknown to some Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers.

If you are asking now in fall 2009 who is Big Poppa on Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you haven’t been reading your LALATE – considering this was all covered in fall 2008!

Lee Najjar Pictures Set 1
Lee Najjar Photo 1
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Lee Najjar Photo 3

While never appearing on camera, Big Poppa or Papa as LALATE first exclusively reported on in 2008 was the core factor that drove viewer curiosity in season 1.

For Big Papa, Kim knew exactly how to milk it. LALATE broke exclusively first online that chatter bugs claimed Big Papa was Lee Najjar, owner of a local real estate company, Jared Najjar’s father. (At the time, other websites were wrongly identifying Big Papa as Quincy Jones.) Jared Najjar is CEO of Archangel which is an amazing jewelry line for Brody Jenner. Later in Atlanta’s season, Kim said she admitted seeing online a correct identification of Big Papa, said he was not African American, and finally confessed her split with the man.

Lee Najjar Pictures Set 2
Lee Najjar Photo 4
Lee Najjar Photo 5
Lee Najjar Photo 6

In recent Real Housewives entries, Bravo has used similar Big Papa gimmicks. The most recent has been Cop without a Badge.

In Real Housewives of New Jersey, from episode one the net went crazy amid reports that Danielle Staub aka Beverly Merrill had a mugshot. Where was it? Just like who is Big Papa, the question offered was Who is Beverly Merrill? The mugshot was in a book out of print called Cop without a Badge. Press went crazy. Finally New York reporters found the book in a local library and ran the mug. The storyline of Danielle versus Beverly entered episode 1 and stayed all season long.

Tonight, Kim Z is back on RHA talking about how in love she is with Big Papa. But does Kim perceive reality a bit … strangely?

In a recent interview, Kim Zolciak compared herself to Britney Spears. Kim Zolciak said because of her fame that she can relate to Britney Spears.


Kim Zolciak and Britney Spears?

“I feel bad for Britney Spears …. I kind of sympathize with her because I take a lot of that heat myself.”

And the Kim and ….. Michael Jackson! Cue this one:

“I understand the fame. My life changed in such a short period of time, I can’t imagine what [Michael Jackson] … dealt with. Sometimes, emotionally, it’s taken its toll on me, never mind him who is far bigger worldwide.”

Just a tad bigger. And if you don’t see the connection between Kim Zolciak and Britney Spears, don’t worry. Kim says she doesn’t care what you think of her so long as you mention her.

“It’s like, really? Thank you for that comment. At least you’re putting my name out there.”

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Jared Najjar, Kim Zolciak, Lee Najjar, Real Housewives of Atlanta

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  1. on September 25th, 2009 at 12:51 am

    http://bit.ly/11oFX1 Who is Big Poppa on Real Housewives of Atlanta? – LALATE (blog) http://bit.ly/ESh4N

  2. Zeina Skaf said,

    on September 25th, 2009 at 12:52 am

    http://bit.ly/NMVBg Who is Big Poppa on Real Housewives of Atlanta? – LALATE (blog) http://bit.ly/ESh4N

  3. on September 25th, 2009 at 1:20 am

    Who is Big Poppa on Real Housewives of Atlanta? http://bit.ly/10bNpn

  4. Fernando said,

    on September 25th, 2009 at 5:11 am

    I read a good story about Big Poppa on Real Housewives of Atlanta


  5. Scott Fain said,

    on October 1st, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    @manup4 http://bit.ly/3R6K9A

  6. John E Smith said,

    on October 1st, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    How can Najar marry Kim if he’s married to someone else? And who is his poor wife? AND why doesn’t Kim do a playboy centerfold becuase she looks a lot better than Kelly Bensimon who is a total jerk.

  7. Miss said,

    on January 13th, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    Kim looks better than no one.

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