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Party in the USA YouTube!

Party in the USA YouTube

VIDEO! Here is Miley Cyrus’ new music video Party in the USA! Miley Cyrus fans are rejoicing to Party in the USA, the new Cyrus entry for the maturing teen star.

And then, others are fuming over the appropriateness of some sections in the video.


Miley Cyrus is back in Party in the USA with much the same – great music and good controversy. What’s the beef? Take one guess and you’ll win – questions of suggestiveness for a teen star.

Fan reaction today includes the following:

I? agree but she is a liitle inappropriate

did you? look at her at time 0:25? its terrible

I totally agree that’s? what i thought she would do. what do you think of her clothes?

Miley? could be a LITTLE more appropriate. Famous people have to grow up faster and be appropriate because the are our role models she’s doing ok. But she can do better. I thought that the video would be different and much better.

I? LOVE THIS! loooove miley 😀

yeah i thought she do what the lyrics say like her coming an airport, cabs etc. this is still? very good.

She should have actually “hopped off a plane”, not off a car. =P And that doesn’t look like LA, I imagined they would film it in the center of the city. Apart from that,? the video is very good \m/

I really? expected more…

I dont think the music video fits the song just saying . I pictured something waay different -.-?

What do you think?


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