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Patch Adams Hospital Gesundheit Institute!

gesundheit institute patch adams Hospital

Dr Patch Adams this week signed copies of his book that benefit Adams’ Hospital the Gesundheit Institute. This week Patch Adams of Gesundheit Institute stopped by Medical House as part of their speaker list that include Nobel laureate Lester Pearson and Sir Frederick Banting.

The Hospital says the following about the movie Patch Adams:

In 1998, Universal Studios released the movie “Patch Adams” starring Robin Williams, based on Patch Adams’s book Gesundheit. At the end of the film, Universal Studios inserted the inaccurate statement that Gesundheit had already built its free hospital. While this false claim hindered Gesundheit’s ability to fundraise for the free hospital, the movie itself raised visibility and helped launch a decade of teaching and Global Outreach.

Since 2007 the Gesundheit Institute has expanded:

Dr. Patch Adams and members of the Gesundheit Institute have lectured at medical and nursing schools in over 65 countries and on five continents, reaching approximately 150,000 attendees per year. Over 1300 people per year participate in Gesundheit’s medical student electives, volunteer programs, alternative spring breaks, health care system design intensives, humanitarian clown trips, and health justice gatherings.

In July of 2007, The Gesundheit Board launched a campaign to build the Patch Adams Teaching Center and Clinic, which will teach health care design and provide a positive global model of health care delivery on our land in Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

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  1. West Virginian

    November 17, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    Patch Adams is sort of the Bernie Maddoff of alternative health care.

    When they first moved to Pocahontas County if they would have actually practiced medicine in the underserved area they would already have enough money to build their hospital.

    But the truth is they learned early on treating people is hard work. Much easier to give talks and write books.

    Adams does not even live among those he says he wants to treat!

    The reason the Hospital is not built is that it is much funner to go around giving talks and clowning than actually helping the sick. Most of the time there’s not even anybody around on the land in Pocahontas County.

    Didn’t take log for the locals to figure out it was a scam.

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