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Levi Johnston Playgirl PHOTOS!

Levi Johnston Playgirl PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Catch pictures of Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, in Playgirl. Yes, Playgirl. Levi Johnston’s Playgirl picture spread is set to be shot in the month of September with no release date for the magazine issue yet announced.

Johnston confirms to press this weekend he has accepted the magazine’s offer to pose. Johnston and the magazine have yet to indicate the location of the shoot – on set studio, or on location drawing from his native Alaska. Here are other pictures of Johnston:

Levi Johnston Pictures
Levi Johnston Photo 1
Levi Johnston Photo 2
Levi Johnston Photo 3
Levi Johnston Photo 4
Levi Johnston Photo 5
Levi Johnston Photo 6
Levi Johnston Photo 7
Levi Johnston Photo 8

There are conflicting reports as to how much Johnston will or will not show. The Palins have no comment about the spread.

In recent months, Johnston has draw a media attention similar to any reality show star, appearing with Kathy Griffin as her “date” at one event, drawing national attention for his Tyra Banks interview, and several other (less revealing) magazine spreads.


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