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Rebecca DeFalco PHOTO!

Rebecca DeFalco PHOTO

PHOTO! Here is a picture of Rebecca DeFalco whose testimony helped convict Thanos Papalexis. Rebecca DeFalco’s details on Papalexis led to his arrest and then conviction last week.

DeFalco was a U.S. based alleged working girl, Papalexis was her lover. Now Papalexis faces a life sentence for conviction in the death of Charalambos Christodoulides in 2000. Papalexis was arrested in Palm Beach November 2008.

Rebecca DeFalco during her affair with Papalexis went online and started searching for his name. It is there that DeFalco found out Papalexis was wanted for murder. Rebecca went to the police in 2004. She told law enforcement that Papalexis claimed to work for the CIA and M16 and lived the life of a modern day James Bond.

Rebecca DeFalco reportedly told the court about Papalexis confession as follows:

“I didn’t expect an answer. He turned around and there was a very long pause.

“He walks up towards me, pulls up a chair and sits in front of me and reaches for my hands. He looks me in the eye. He says ‘yes, yes I have’.”

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