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Maia Campbell PICTURES!

Maia Campbell pictures

PHOTOS! Here again are pictures of the beautiful Maia Campbell. But is that Maia Campbell (Tiffany Warren of “In the House”) in those new alleged YouTube videos from Los Angeles?

Maia Campbell was covered on LALATE in March of this year. Now exactly six months to the day, Maia is back, the subject of stunning new allegations.

Maia Campbell Pictures
Maia Campbell Photo 1
Maia Campbell Photo 2
Maia Campbell Photo 3

In March LALATE told you about a report allegedly an email by a “friend” of Maia Campbell taking her to Los Angeles’ Foxs Hills Mall in Culver City. From their the report headed south. Now Campbell is back in the spotlight today because of three youtube videos posted today.

The videos depict a woman seated in the passenger seat of a car eating Lays chips wearing hoop purple earrings.

Campbell is most recently remember for Sorority Sister Slaughter in 2007. Before that, recent credits included:

Envy (2005)
Friends and Lovers (2005)
Sweet Potato Pie (2004)
With or Without You (2003)
The Trial (2002)
The Luau (2001)
Seventeen Again (2000)

But Maia Campbell’s most memorable role was as Tiffany Warren in 72 episodes of IN THE HOUSE from 1995 to 1999. She also made appearances in Sister, Sister, Moesha, and Beverly Hills 90210.

No comment by Campbell to the uploaded youtube videos nor to that report.

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