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Jaycee Dugard Children PHOTOS

Jaycee Dugard Children PHOTOS

PHOTOS. Here are pictures of Jaycee Lee Dugard’ children today and Dugard 18 years ago. Jaycee Lee Dugard’s daughters
are pictured as normal happy girls who loved Hannah Montana, says the woman who took the released the picture to press today.

However, that is a much different story than days ago. As reported earlier on LALATE, how the Dugard children looked in person to police officials is what ended Phillip Garrido’s terror.

Jaycee Lee Dugard Children Picture
Jaycee Lee Dugard Children Photo

Dugard ran a printing company that Jaycee Lee Dugard, for reportedly upwards of ten years, put her photo on company business cards and met with clients, often with her children. But one client, Cheyvonne Molino, says to CNN tonight that the girls appeared normal : “They were polite. They were well-mannered”.

The infamous turn of events was Molino’s birthday party for her 16 year old.

But investigators saw something different. Starlite and Angel were the names Garrido used to refer to the Garrido children. Despite Molino’s claim to press, one child’s eyes were what ended Phillip Garrido’s terror.

The whole event unfolded just last week when Dugard took his two children with Jaycee to UC Berkeley’s campus. His purpose was to book a meeting for his “church” Gods Desire.

Lisa Campbell, the Berkeley officer, was the first to finally crumble Garrido’s terror. She said at the meeting for the Church booking that Garrido brought two kids. She said during that meeting Garrido left a strange impression:

“There were some things about him and the kids that were really alarming, that just didn’t settle right with me.”

Phillip Garrido was scheduled to return the next day for his Church’s booking. But before he returned, Campbell had learned of his past. Ally Jacobs joined the meeting. At this second meeting she said the youngest daughter appeared strange:

“It was almost like she was looking into my soul… her eyes were so penetrating, and she had this smile on her face. I just got a weird, uneasy feeling.”

From there, the story changed dramatically. Garrido couldn’t remember his kids’ correct school years – because they had never been to a school house nor doctor in their life. Then he said he had a 29 year old daughter. Neither appeared on records.

Starlite is 15, Angel is 11. Carl Probyn, Dugard’s step-father Probyn, said of the girls:

“He was the girls’ father – they all cried when he was arrested. Jaycee had to explain that she had been kidnapped. They were a family. They wept when he was captured. They were attached to each other. They thought Jaycee was their sister, They don’t realise she was kidnapped.”

Despite reports, in the 18 year of captivity, Dugard did have contact with the outside world. She went to movies, to the supermarket, interacted with clients, had internet access. But during that time she maintained the name Allissa, never attended school or a doctor.

For continuing coverage of the Jaycee Lee Dugard story on LALATE, click here:

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