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Jasmine Fiore FOTOS

Jasmine Fiore FOTOS

FOTOS. The Jasmine Fiore Ryan Jenkins story has now reached overseas. Photos of Jasmine Fiore “un chica de Playboy” is headline news Saturday across international press, and not just Canada where Ryan Jenkins is believed to have fled.

Fiore headlines news from Spain to Norway today as the manhunt continues for Jenkins. What is the world saying about the shocking death of Fiore? details Jenkins’ appearance on I Love Money 3 to Megan Wants a Millionaire:

“A polícia está procurando Ryan Alexander Jenkins, participante de um reality show acusado da morte de sua ex-esposa. Nativo da cidade de Calgary, no Canadá, Jenkins era um dos participantes do reality show “Megan wants a millionaire”, sobre uma mulher procurando um noivo rico. A VH1 tirou o programa do ar. Jenkins também atuou na série inédita “I Love Money 3″. Um porta-voz do canal disse que ainda não foi tomada nenhuma decisão a respeito da veiculação do reality show.”

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VGNet, a Norway publication, depicts a burning candle in place remembering Fiore and alerts readers to the $25,000 U.S. Marshals reward for Jenkins:

“U.S Marshals Service tilbyr 25.000 dollar for informasjon som kan bidra til at Jenkins blir arrestert.”

Telecinco, a Spanish language service, informs readers about how Fiore’s remains were identified by the serial number on her implants

“La policía de California ha identificado el cadáver mutilado de la Playboy Jasmine Fiore, de 28 años, por el número de serie de sus implantes mamarios”

On Model Mayhem, fellow models are remembering Fiore by posting messages. Fiore’s last enter o the wite read as follows:

I am a experienced model I am looking to shoot more with my new hair color ! BRUNETTE !! : ) : ) Please shoot me ! TFP !!

If you know any details contact the Buena Park Police Department at 714-562-3992 or 714-562-3935.

For continuing coverage of new developments in the Jasmine Fiore investigation click here:


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