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Megan Hauserman PICTURES!

Megan Hauserman PICTURES

PHOTOS! Here again are pictures of Megan Hauserman of Megan Wants A Millionaire with Ryan Alexander Jenkins. Plus watch Megan’s Sharon Osbourne hair video.

Megan Hauserman pictures have been profiled on LALATE since 2008. Since then it’s been hard to keep track of the reality shows that Megan Hauserman has appeared on: Rock of Love, I Love Money, Charm School, MWAM, Beauty and the Geek, just to name a few.

Here again is the charming Charm School hair video with Sharon Osbourne (cue to the 7 minute mark)


Megan Hauserman Pictures
Megan Photo 1
Megan Photo 2

Ryan Alexander Jenkins Pictures
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 1
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 2
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 3
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 4

UPDATE #1 New pictures of Jasmine Fiore

More Jasmine Fiore Pictures
Jasmine Fiore Photo 1
Jasmine Fiore Photo 2
Jasmine Fiore Photo 3
Jasmine Fiore Photo 4
Jasmine Fiore Photo 5

Back in December LALATE carried Megan’s first statement about inking her new show, and asking guys to apply.

I’m Getting My Own Show!! – Make ME Your Trophy Wife, How to Apply-
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Looking for the ultimate TROPHY WIFE?

Reality TV Star and Playboy Cybergirl
MEGAN HAUSERMAN is looking for a man who will shower her with LOVE and MONEY.

VH1 is casting SINGLE MEN of the HIGHEST PEDIGREE to compete for the bikini clad bombshell from ROCK OF LOVE 2, CHARM SCHOOL and I LOVE MONEY.

If you are a single man with the net worth of $1,000,000 or more, then Megan would love to meet you.

Whether you are a CEO or a TRUST FUND BABY, Megan would make the perfect arm candy for any man…who can afford her!

It was from that casting that Ryan Alexander Jenkins was picked for the cast. Tonight we do know how Ryan Alexander Jenkins ended on the show. By this week 3, Jenkins is one of 10 remaining 17 contestants, the only to get a solo date with Megan. In the end, Ryan Alexander Jenkins is not chosen by Megan after he reaches the finals. From there, reportedly Jenkins went to Vegas where he met Jasmine Fiore.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins Pictures
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 1
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 2
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 3

Jasmine Fiore Photos

In March, LALATE reported that Megan was seeking to sue Osbourne for battery, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress for that hair event. The suit claimed Hauserman was “grievously and permanently injured and hurt in her health, strength and activity” and “will be prevented from attending to any occupation in the future.”

For continuing of the Jasmine Fiore investigation on LALATE click here:

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