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Jasmine Fiore PHOTOS

Jasmine Fiore PHOTOS

PHOTOS. Here are pictures of Playboy’s Jasmine Fiore who has been found dead. Model Jasmine Fiore’s Ryan Alexander Jenkins (of VH1’s Megan Wants a Millionaire) is being sought.

Fiore was a representative for Playboy and also a swimsuit model herself. On Saturday her body was found in a suitcase tossed in a Los Angeles trash bin. Tonight Jenkins is a person of interest.

Update #3

New Jasmine Fiore Pictures
New Jasmine Fiore Photo 1
New Jasmine Fiore Photo 2
New Jasmine Fiore Photo 3
New Jasmine Fiore Photo 4
New Jasmine Fiore Photo 5
New Jasmine Fiore Photo 6
New Jasmine Fiore Photo 7

Previous Jasmine Fiore Pictures

Jasmine Fiore Photo 1
Jasmine Fiore Photo 2
Jasmine Fiore Photo 3
Jasmine Fiore Photo 4
Jasmine Fiore Photo 5

Jasmine Fiore Photo 6
Jasmine Fiore Photo 7
Jasmine Fiore Photo 8

Ryan Alexander Jenkins Pictures
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 1
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 2
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 3
Ryan Alexander Jenkins Photo 4

New updates to the Jasmine Fiore story are located here:

Original Story Below:

Jenkins reported Fiore – who he was dating at the time – missing on Saturday. But police are unclear about their relationship. Buena Park police are wondering Jasmine Fiore and Jenkins were married in Las Vegas just recently.

Megan Hauserman Pictures
Megan Hauserman Photo 1
Megan Hauserman Photo 2

The couple lived in his home on Edinburgh Avenue in the Fairfax Area. Jasmine’s body was found in Franklin’s 7400 block in a recycling bin.

The Los Angeles Times reports the couple were last seen together on Thursday heading to a poker tournament in San Diego.

Jenkins is 32, from Calgary, and a real estate developer, according to police. But Jenkins called himself an investment banker on the show Megan Wants a Millionaire. If you know any details contact the Buena Park Police Department at 714-562-3992 or 714-562-3935.

For continuing coverage of new developments in the Jasmine Fiore investigation click here:


  1. hafiam

    December 8, 2011 at 9:35 am

    God forgive her and bless her to be in paradise

  2. jeff

    December 14, 2011 at 10:20 am

    yeah, i heard about the things she did to drive him over the edge. sorry, but when you’re that disrespectful to someone you deserve whatever ya get….period. as if she couldn’t see this coming. she rightfully got learned. all of you women should learn from her example. if you’re a ho, ya get walloped. big time. any questions gals?

  3. jeff

    December 14, 2011 at 10:28 am

    and another thing shanelle “little sister”…people have every right to judge her one way or the other. we didn’t need to “have a relationship” with her to judge her actions. they speak for themselves…..and unless the things being said about her are false she deserves to be judged. you say she was a “saint”??? oh i think not little sister. i think far from it darlin’.

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