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Karen Cunagin Sypher PHOTOS!

Karen Cunagin Sypher PHOTO

PHOTOS! Here again are pictures of Karen Cunagin Sypher whose Rick Pitino alleged extortion case now has claims of s** and abortion. The Karen Cunagin Sypher (aka Karen Sypher) Rick Pitino alleged extortion case was broke by LALATE back in April and then monitored. But now shocking new developments.

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Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino says he had consensual s** with Karen Cunagin Sypher after a night of fine dining and thereafter offered to pay for her abortion, according to police reports. Karen Cunagin Sypher says she was raped by the Louisville basketball coach.

The developments hit press tonight after Sypher was indicted weeks ago on alleged conspiracy to extort money from Pitino.

Pitino reportedly told police that he and Karen were drinking on August 1, 2003 at Louisville restaurant Porcini, had consensual s**, and thereafter he gave her $3,000 for an abortion. The details are in a police report obtained by the Courier-Journal and revealed today pursuant to the Kentucky Open Records Act.

Sypher reportedly claims rape, not consensual s**, following the night at Porcini and then weeks again later. Her rapes were detailed to local police roughly two months after her federal indictment, July 9, says local press. Police say that Pitino is not being charged

Pitino issued the following statement to the paper this week:

“[Rick will] continue to work though this matter privately with his family.”

Porcini Restaurant is at 2730 Frankfort Ave. When the matter first broke, Tim Sypher’s statement read simply:

“[I am] devastated by the bizarre allegations that my estranged wife is making….”

Pitino had previously issued the following statement:

My family and I were recently threatened as part of a criminal scheme to extort money. Upon receiving these threats, we reported this extortion attempt to the FBI. While I did not want to make this matter public, I recently learned that the individual behind this extortion attempt has already gone to the media with false, defamatory and outrageous allegations in an attempt to pressure me to cave in to this scheme.

I want to make it clear that I intend to vigorously defend my reputation and the character of my family against any criminal scheme to extort money. I am hopeful that the media and public will recognize the slanderous nature of this direct and malicious attack.

For continuing coverage of Sypher Pitino case on LALATE click here:

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