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Patrick Kane MUGSHOT!

Patrick Kane MUGSHOT

MUGSHOT PHOTO! Here is Patrick Kane’s arrest mugshot picture and video! Patrick Kane’s mugshot following his $0.20 incident this weekend is even prompting eBay sales of t-shirts and memorabilia featuring his face and hanging bling that reads “20 Cent”

As reported on ESPN, USA Hockey spokesman Dave Fischser issued the following statement Monday to press:

“There’s nothing different today in terms of preparing for the camp. “We’re aware of the situation and will let the legal process take its course.”

The Blackhawks issued the following:

“He is a big part of our organization and a team leader and we stand behind him. As we are still collecting all the facts, it would be premature to comment further at this time.”

As reported this weekend on LALATE first, Patrick Kane was arrested following a cab incident over $0.20. Patrick was in a cab with his cousin James Kane at 5 am Sunday. The cab cost them $13.80. Buffalo news claims the Kanes paid $13.80 to cover the $15 ride.

The report claims the cab driver said he didn’t have $0.20 in change to give them back. So what did the Kanes give in return? According to Buffalo News, the driver alleged the Kanes gave him a punch to the face, a grab to his throat, and broke his glasses.

Oh, and the driver also claims then took the $15 back.

Buffalo Police are confirmed the Kanes (who have plead guilty Sunday reports WIVB) have been arrested and charged with

1. second degree robbery
2. criminal mischief
3. theft of services

Below is video of the arrest coverage

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