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Why did Forrest Griffin Run – No Broken Jaw!

Why did Forrest Griffin Run broken jaw

VIDEO! Why did Forrest Griffin run away after his Anderson Silva UFC 101 fight? Did a broken (dislocated) jaw prompted Forrest Griffin to run away? No, British press corrects Sunday.

The Griffin Silva match lasted all of 3:23 minutes on Saturday’s UFC 101. A single knockout from Silva sent Griffin down … and then running. But why?


Immediately the net reaction was questioning – why did Griffin run away? Forrest didn’t attend the post match press conference. In fact a USA Today article after the match doesn’t even explain where Griffin went. The paper quotes UFC President Dana White saying the following:

“We’ve seen it before with him.

“He’s an emotional guy. He came into this fight very confident that he was going to beat Anderson Silva. … He might be in Georgia by now. He ran out and I haven’t seen him since.”

Initially  the Telegraph had written in a story entitled “Forrest Griffin camp reveal dislocated jaw as Anderson Silva contemplates Lyoto Machida” the following:

“Forrest Griffin camp reveal dislocated jaw as Anderson Silva contemplates Lyoto Machida – The mystery of Forrest Griffin’s jog from the Octagon in Philadelphia immediately after being knocked out spectacularly by Anderson Silva at UFC 101 was clarified Sunday when the American’s camp revealed he had suffered a dislocated jaw after being struck by the supremely-gifted Brazilian.”

Now,  the Telegraph has corrected, stating the following:

“Initial fears that Forrest Griffin had a suspected dislocated or even fractured jaw after being hit on the mandibular bone by Anderson Silva at UFC 101 in Philadelphia on Saturday night were allayed on Sunday when one of his coaches confirmed to a source working alongside Griffin’s team at the event that there has been no break, fracture or dislocation. It is understood that after initial concerns, Griffin was found to have no injury. That includes concerns over his his hearing. “

Joe Ferraro of Sportsnet’s “MMA Connected” twittered the following also:

“Source has confirmed that the reports that Forrest has a broken jaw and was the reason he ran out of the octagon are false. His jaw is fine.”


  1. Debo

    November 17, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    forrest is a great fighter but in that fight anderson silva got the best of him. just like somebody said before all great fighters are emotional but that dont make them pussies i respect fighters they may be one of the hardest working athletes in the business forrest will be back and prove that hes one of the top fighters in ufc

  2. irmissee

    November 28, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    I completely agree Cami. I have to admit I was disappointed about FG’s loss but I am also not a fighter. I’ve never seen a fighter just keep coming the way FG does and I think that is impressive. Iceman is great also. Matter of fact I had to write and essay about who I would like to meet both dead and alive. Iceman was my alive pick.. Of course in my paper I said I would never get in the ring! LOL. It takes a lot of strength, courage will power and training to do what they do. I personally think Silva is cocky. I like the fighters to show respect!!

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