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Michelle Johnson PHOTOS!

Michelle Johnson PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here is a picture of Michelle Johnson – is she dating Tony Romo? Michelle Johnson (Blame it on Rio), Tony Romo, Natalie Smith, and Jessica Simpson are all tied up in a confusion of chatter tonight.

Blame it Rio? More like Blame it on Romo reports.

Here’s the recap. As reported earlier on LALATE, but for Jessica Simpson, Natalie Smith’s “friendship” with Tony Romo wouldn’t probably sell a magazine. But this week, Smith’s friendship with Romo while he was dating with Jessica Simpson will be front page news on one magazine. The suggestion is that Romo and Smith had sparks.


Now, coming from another end zone, a totally different report – that Romo has gone cougar and is dating Michelle Johnson from the film way-y-y back when, Blame it on Rio.

The Miami Herald says the rumor is Romo and Johnson are possibly dating, not Romo and Smith.

So the bigger question is …. what newly single guy do you care less about and his dating life – Jon Gosselin, Tony Romo, or Reggie Bush?

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