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Joey Gamache Lawsuit!

Joey Gamache Lawsuit

Was Arturo Gatti murdered just days before his appearance in the Joey Gamache’s lawsuit? Joey Gamache’s lawsuit against the New York State Athletic Commission called for Gatti to appear next week in a Manhattan court.  But Saturday at 6 am Gatti was found dead in an apartment in Porto de Galinhas, Brasil, while celebrating his second honeymoon with wife and child.

Joey Gamache has issued the following statement about the death of Gatti Satuday:

“I feel sad, he did a lot for boxing. He had a lot of memorable fights.

“People will never forget what he did for boxing.”

Gamache suit asserts that the Commission reportedly should be held liable for alleged negligence prior to the 2000 Gamache Gatti fight. The fight resulted in Gamache suffer suffering brain damage. Gamache’s suit claims Gatti was 19 pounds over weight for the match.

Police are concerned foul play might have been involved in Gatti’s death, found with blood stains to neck, back of head. Gatti wasSat found only in his underwear. An unnamed rep for investigators says Saturday police did not find bullet nor stab wounds.

Gatti’s wife and child are not injured.

For continuing coverage of the Gatti death on LALATE click here:

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