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Michael Jackson Final Performance YouTube!

Michael Jackson Final Performance YouTube

VIDEO! Watch YouTube video of Michael Jackson’s final performance – Michael Jackson’s AEG rehearsal of They Don’t Really Care About Us from June 23, 2009.

Michael Jackson’s is rehearsing in this June 23 video final footage at Staples Center for his O2 Concert in London “This is It”.


When the above video was released on broadcast tv moments ago, literally all three major cable channels were carrying the video at the same time, interrupting programming.

Jackson is performing in the video “They Dont Really Care About Us”, his rehearsal location was AEG’s Staples Center in Los Angeles where a stage had been erected for the pop star to prepare for his AEG London O2 Concert dates. Jackson was scheduled to depart from Los Angeles just days later and begin that 50 date concert engagement.

But instead hours later, Jackson had stop breathing.

The footage is critical in understanding the condition of Jackson in his final hours. Michael Jackson looks great, he appears on cue, his moves are tight and down.

Unconfirmed reports surfacing all week said Jackson was late to the rehearsal, lethargic, missing rehearsals. That does not seem to be the case here. Jackson looks superb.


  1. Ressie H.

    July 7, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    on july 7 at 5:39pm

    Michael you will be miss I will always listen to you i always belive in you R.I. P.

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