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Yemen Airline Crash!

Yemen Airline Crash

MAP! Here is a map of Comoros where a Yemen Airline crash has occurred. The Yemenia Air plane crash near Mitsamiouli of an Airbus 310 comes as the flight was carrying 142 passengers and 11 crew members.

The plane has crashed into the Indian Ocean, closest to Comoros, and possibly Mitsamiouli, confirms a senior government official and a Yemenia Air official moments ago.

The exact location is still not known. The plane has yet to be located. Officials tell press it could be near Mitsamiouli, says Comoros’ Vice President Idi Nadhoim.

Rescuers are following the plane’s flight path to located the crash within the hour. Comoros is close to Madagascar, Yemen, and east of Africa. Nadhoim tells press he does not yet know if there are any survivors.

Passenger lists have not been released, nor emergency contact numbers. Even worse is this comment by a reportedly Comoran police official:

“We really have no sea rescue capabilities”.

As of 10 pm PST, LALATE is continuing to monitor any developments. The flight number has not yet been released to press. Below is a map of the possible crash location.

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