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Maria Belen Chapur PICTURES!

Maria Belen Chapur pictures

PHOTOS! Here again are pictures of Maria Belen Chapur who is speaking out about Mark Sanford. Maria Belen Chapur, alleged mistress of Mark Sanford, reportedly is acknowledging her affair with Sanford.

Here again are video and photos (screengrabs) of Chapur.

Maria Belen Chapur Pictures

Maria Belen Chapur Photo 1
Maria Belen Chapur Photo 2
Maria Belen Chapur Photo 3
Maria Belen Chapur Photo 4
Maria Belen Chapur Photo 5

Maria Belen Chapur Video
Mark Sanford Confession Video

Jenny Sanford Photo 1
Jenny Sanford Photo 2

On Wednesday, Maria Belen Shapur was finally identified Wednesday as the complete name of the mistress “Maria” but Friday reports said it’s Chapur. Her apartment building’s picture is depicted above.

Now today, the 41 year old has reportedly “acknowledged having a relationship with South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, saying Sunday that widely published e-mail correspondence between the two was obtained from her account without permission” says AP.

She issued the following statement to C5N Buenos Aires Sunday:

“I have decided to send this statement to clear up certain incorrect things that are being reported and put an end to a matter that, as you imagine, is very painful to me, my two children, my entire family and close friends.”

Maria Belen Shapur lives reportedly in the Republica de La India in Buenos Aires in the Barrio Palermo, near the the Buenos Aires zoo. Shapur is fluent in English, Portuguese and Chinese.

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  1. valeri

    September 21, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    yo quero ver toda la historia de maria belen

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