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Prince Paris Blanket Jackson PHOTOS!

Prince Paris Blanket Jackson PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of Prince, Paris, and Blanket, Michael Jackson’s kids. Prince and Paris are not Michael Jackson’s kids, says Debbie Rowe in a stunning interview revealed to you earlier on LALATE.

The mother of Blanket, real name Prince Michael II, still remains unknown. But Rowe, the mother of Prince Michael I and Paris says Jackson was not the biological father of her two kids.

Prince Paris Blanket Jackson Pictures
Prince Paris Blanket Photo 1
Prince Paris Blanket Photo 2
Prince Paris Blanket Photo 3
Prince Paris Blanket Photo 4
Prince Paris Blanket Photo 5

Questions hence now surround if Jackson wasn’t Blanket’s biological father either. Rowe said the couple never lived together during the marriage.

Rowe said Jackson bought her Beverly Hills mansion that he referred to as her house, as opposed to his own house at the time.

Sadly Rowe says her second birth left her barren and prompted Jackson to end their marriage:

“The delivery was so hard. My insides were all torn up and I was barren. When he knew I couldn’t have any more babies he didn’t want anything to do with me.”

Following the release of the new photos, reports say today that Prince Michael, 12, is helping out the other two kids currently.

“His eldest son is helping the others as best he can. The family have gone into lockdown mode to protect them.”

Paris is 11, Prince Michael II (Blanket) is 6.


  1. Lexi Danielle

    July 13, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    You know he might not have been a good person and he might not have been a bad person but does it really matter? He’s gone. How many of you are christians? Or how many of you at least worship God, religion makes no difference. The bible says it is a sin to speak ill of the dead. so get a life. and think before you type.

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