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Real Housewives of New Jersey Mob?

Real Housewives of New Jersey Mob

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s reunion was all about the mob, the mafia, Albert Tiny Manzo, and what Danielle did / said to Caroline.

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s “angle” for this season (and trust, there will be another based upon the great ratings) was all about Danielle’s past and whether there is or isn’t a mob connection to cast members and or their parents.

See, this is why Bravo is so good. Unlike other networks that might try to parade their reality stars away from questions that everyone is asking, Bravo starts the show clearly knowing this is what people will be talking about and ends the season confronting those claims. It’s directed, it’s honest, and it’s great programming.

First Danielle and Caroline. What did Danielle say to Caroline? This charming exchange: Danielle reportedly slammed:

“Was it my father-in-law that was killed and shoved into a trunk? I’m dangerous? I knew about this through the whole show. I didn’t bring it up once. I’m classy.”

The father in law in reference is Albert Tiny Manzo as LALATE reported last night.

Caroline and Dina say they are unhappy that press are suggesting that Albert Tiny Manzo was murdered in a “mob-style hit” in 1983.  Caroline said of Tiny:

“And I looked at him dead in the eye and I said I love you, and I love your father, and I am proud to be his daughter-in-law.”

Caroline is unhappy how the press have portrayed Tiny. The New York Daily News called Tiny a “mobster” claiming the following even before the season premiered:

Sisters Dina and Caroline Manzo …. Their father-in-law, Albert (Tiny) Manzo, was executed mob-style in August 1983, after he and Gambino family soldier Peter A. Campisi were suspected of skimming from a mob casino on Staten Island.

“A couple of weeks later, they found Tiny Manzo in the trunk of his car,” recalled Robert Buccino, a New Jersey organized crime expert.

The 350-pound mobster took four slugs to his torso. His n**** body – the arms and legs bound in plastic – was discovered in the trunk of his parked Lincoln-Continental outside a supermarket in Hillside, N.J.

The killing was never solved.

Caroline says “it makes me feel horrible that it was even brought up.”

But of course, she clearly knew it was going to be brought up, like Danielle and her Cop book. The report claims that Tiny owned the Brownstone Restaurant, featured in the show, now operated by his sons Albert and Tommy, married to Dina and Caroline.

As LALATE reported Monday, get ready Kim Z fans … because Real Housewives of Atlanta returns for season 2 in just a few weeks! Remember it was LALATE who revealed first who possibly was Real Papa. Get ready for all the excitement as RHA returns in just days!

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