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Sergio Garcia Girlfriend?

Sergio Garcia Girlfriend

Who is golfer Sergio Garcia’s girlfriend? Sergio’s girlfriend is not Morgan Leigh Norman, Greg Norman’s gorgeous daughter. The two have long split, prompting many to ask who Sergio is now dating?

At the U.S. Open, Sergio Garcia faced Padraig Harrington yesterday during play at 10 am. But in advance of hitting the green, Garcia confessed his game has fallen off since his break up with Norman. Garcia a few weeks back gave no indication of a new love in his life but admitted he’s still getting it together after the breakup.

“It was probably the first time I have been really in love. It took me a while to get over it.”

Peter Kostis’ take on the Sergio Garcia ex girlfriend situation is reportedly the following:

“I’m not sure I would have gone public with that stuff prior to the U.S. Open, let’s put it that way. I’m a Boston Red Sox fan . . . and if New York fans sense a little bit of blood in the water, they’re going to go after you. Period, case closed, end of discussion. I expect there might be some harsh things done or said if he doesn’t play well, maybe some signs of whatever. It could be tough. I hope it isn’t.”

Sergio reportedly also one dated tennis star Matina Hingis.

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