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Skylar Deleon Power Ranger Killer!

Skylar Deleon photos

PHOTOS! Here again are pictures of Mighty Morphin Power Ranger extra killer Skylar Deleon. Pictures of Skylar Deleon were first broke by LALATE in 2008 and then revisited recently after Deleon was given a death penalty sentence. Today, Deleon’s case is back again in the news.

Skylar Deleon Pictures
Skylar Deleon Photo 1

Skylar Deleon Photo 2

The story of Skylar Deleon was broke by LALATE in 2008. But today the Arizona Republic reports the boat at the center of the Deleon killing is up for sale.

Countless celebrity news sites reported Deleon as a Power Ranger, or as a Power Ranger star. As LALATE told you, neither was true. Deleon wasn’t a Power Ranger or a series cast member. Rather, Deleon was merely an extra on the Power Rangers.

Skylar Deleon received a death sentence for the killings of Tom and Jackie Hawkes during a faked boat purchase. News today that the Hawkes boat is up for sale.

The boat is called the Well Deserved, 55 feet in length. The yacht is now on the market for $229,000 and being represented by Jerry Wakefield of Dixon Yachts in Newport Beach. Wakefield contends the boat despite its past will sell, and sell fast.


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