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Fire David Letterman ( is a website asking Americans to call for CBS’ firing of David Letterman. asks people to boycout CBS “products” until Letterman is fired.

The website says:

“[W]e will send to CBS, telling them that we won’t purchase any products from sponsors of David Letterman’s Late Show program until he is fired.”

If you missed the Letterman Palin videos last week on LALATE, here they are again:


The website goes on to state:

“There are 2 very important things you can do today.

1. Call your LOCAL CBS affiliate. Tell them you are boycotting products of LOCAL sponsors of his program starting immediately.

2. Call AT LEAST ONE of the LOCAL sponsors of David Letterman’s Late Show. Tell them you will not purchase ANYTHING they sell so long as they continue to sponsor the David Letterman Show.

When you are done with these two things today, please send me an email so I can tell others of your progress. My e-mail is

Or, you can send me a public Tweet on Twitter. My twitter ID is

Thank you for your activism today. If we are to return common decency to political discourse in this country, your actions will help lead the way.

Best Regards,

Michael Patrick Leahy “

The website also calls for a rally Tuesday June 16 at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City, home of Dave’s late night talker.

No comment yet by CBS or Letterman to the website.

Visit it Online:


  1. scottyo

    June 16, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    didnt a guy named imus get fired by cbs
    for saying nappy headed ho!
    isnt this a good sign that there is a double standard
    at cbs if palin was black he would already been gone

  2. artis greely

    September 23, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    I am waiting for CBS to fire David Letterman….better yet, maybe he will do the right thing and quit. until then, no more CBS or affiliates for me.(maybe we should have let his stalker get him. she might have a made of man of him??)

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