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Linda Greenlaw Perfect Storm!

Linda Greenlaw Perfect StormLinda Greenlaw Perfect Storm!

Survivor of the Perfect Storm Linda Greenlaw, the last to have seen Andrea Gail, has been convicted! Linda Greenlaw of the Perfect Storm, now a TV personality, former host of the program Quest, and author, has been convicted in Canada for illegal fishing charges. Greenlaw, a fishing captain, says it was an accident.

The arrest reportedly was in September 2008 in the 200 mile restriction area of Canada. Greenlaw says it was all an accident.

“This line, which is drawn on a piece of paper, you can’t see it when you’re fishing and working on deck. There’s no fence. There’s no blinking lights.”

A judge will sentence Linda next Thursday.

At the time of the arrest, Greenlaw was reportedly taping for NBC a documentary on swordfishing.

Greenlaw came to fame as the skipper of the 1991 boat Hannah Boden. Her boat and the Andrea Gail hit the Halloween Nor’easter. The Andrea Gail was never seen, Greenlaw survived. The story was made into a book, then movie with Greenlaw’s role filled by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

Among the books she has since authored include The Hungry Ocean and The Lobster Chronicles.

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  1. shrimper

    September 30, 2009 at 12:22 am

    I wish everyone would stop talking about here arrest. This wonderful, strong woman in handcuff’s is really getting to me. How about all the great things she’s doing.

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