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Susan Boyle Memory YouTube!

Susan Boyle Memory YouTube

VIDEO! Watch the YouTube video of Susan Boyle’s MEMORY! Susan Boyle’s YouTube of Memory (it’s Memory, not Memories) comes as Boyle delivers her Semi Final Performance.

Is Memory memorable?


Everyone is loving this performance. Sure she faltered at the beginning. But imagine the pressure? From Oprah to GMA, Susan has been everywhere but back to this stage and yet she displayed nerves of steel and delivered.

Comments tonight include:

Yes she did ‘falter’ at the beginning, but she performed fantastically under so much expectation and pressure!

She will win hands down! I bet she got more votes than the rest of the night’s contestants put together. Even Simon stood and applauded and appologised! That says something

Simon Cowell gave her a standing ovation. Other comments included:

Still a beautiful voice despite the wobble at the beginning. She recouped and went full speed ahead with her amazing voice. And by the way, Susan, you looked very nice.

What do you think?

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