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Danica Patrick Playboy PICTURES!

Danica Patrick Playboy PICTURES

PICTURES! Here are photos of Danica Patrick who appears in Playboy. Swimsuit Danica Patrick pictures are  what you all remember from that hot Sports Illustrated spread.

Well, sad news. The Playboy interview is a photo of her in a dress standing inside of a tire. Honestly. What was the bunny thinking?

Here are the SI and Playboy photos

Danice Patrick Swimsuit Pictures
Danice Patrick Swimsuit Photo 1
Danice Patrick Swimsuit Photo 2
Danice Patrick Swimsuit Photo 3
Danice Patrick Swimsuit Photo 4

UPDATE 2/8/2010:


Original Article Below:

Patrick reveals to Playboy her first car was a Cobra.

“PLAYBOY: What was your first car?
PATRICK: It was a Mustang Cobra, back when Mustangs were still pretty exclusive and cool. I was hard on it. I went through a brand-new set of brakes in a couple thousand miles. The car ended up with 8,000 miles on it when we sold it. I didn’t have it that long, and I was on my third set of brakes.

She also says she wasn’t a street racer.

PLAYBOY: Were you a street racer?
PATRICK: Heck no. My dad always told me not to race on the street. He had odd theories, like if your car was fast enough, it kept you out of trouble. He said, “I know you’re going to try to pass semis on a two-lane road, and if you have a slow car, that other car will be coming at you too quickly.” I loved his theory. It’s a great outlook, don’t you think?

Her honors keep on coming. Recent awards have included

2005 Rookie of the Year
2005 IndyCar Most Popular Driver
2006 IndyCar Most Popular Driver
2007 IndyCar Most Popular Driver

Interview Here


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