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Valerie Vetrano Francine Coppola Report!

Valerie Vetrano Francine Coppola Report

A new report has Valerie Vetrano making claims about Carrie Prejean’s mom Francine Coppola. Valerie Vetrano’s Francine Coppola claims about Miss California’s mother are bit unclear on their face. At least when you look at the word selection.

The Star writes today, May 20, the following about the Miss USA pageant on April 19

Carrie Prejean has become the poster girl for opponents of gay marriage. But in a shocking exclusive, Star has learned that the reigning Miss California USA’s own mother, Francine Coppola, was entangled in a steamy lesbian love affair right up until the night Carrie placed second in the Miss USA contest!

“Right up” to April 19? Sow when did they allegedly break up? Vetranos tell the magazine. “Yes, Francine and I dated.” Allegedly until when?

You decide.


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  2. Sandra Clark

    May 20, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    This story is 100% accurate-I wrote it!

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