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Bethenny Frankel n**** PETA!

Bethenny Frankel n**** PETA

Bethenny Frankel will pose n**** for PETA! Bethenny Frankel’s n*** PETA ad announcement comes as Real Housewives of New York reunion part 2 was aired last night.

Did you catch the drama?

Frankel says she has no problem with nudity. And well, we don’t either.

Frankel’s “I’d Rather Go n**** Than Wear Fur” is reportedly not the first time she’s de-clothed for a project, but at least the first time since her newly found fame from Real Housewives.

She tells press:

“I’m unexpectedly not that concerned with body image. Take me as I am.”

Frankel says at 38 she stays in shape, not by dieting, but with yoga. The shoot will be this summer … and where else but on a New York rooftop.


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  3. BlueflyBabe

    May 28, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    Pffft. Bethenny would club baby seals using an endangered turtle if it would garner her 15 more minutes of “fame.” Vomit. What is there to see that we haven’t already seen anyway? She’s already done a topless movie and flashed her behind to photogs. Cheap, cheap & tacky.

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