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Pat Venditte YouTube!

Pat Venditte YouTube

VIDEO! Watch video of switch pitcher Pat Venditte. With a six finger glove ambidextrous Pat Venditte was featured in 2007 report as the pitcher who pitches right, or left.

Now the Charleston RiverDogs is all the buzz again. He’s now 23 and has been pitching with both hands since age 3. How well is he pitching?


Says local press:

The 6-1, 190-pound Creighton University graduate had five saves and a 0.00 earned-run average through Thursday night.

His dad says the following of his skill:

“I guess what he’s doing is somewhat unique, but I look at it as not as unique as perhaps many people think. He worked at it for a number of years and it paid off. If a mom or dad wants to spend the time to perfect ambidexterity with their kids, it can be done.”

In fact there are rules as to when he can switch hands for pitching:

“-Venditte initially must pick one side or the other.
–The switch-hitter then gets to choose to bat right-handed or left-handed.
–After one pitch, the pitcher and batter can switch once more during the at-bat.
–The pitcher does not get warm-up pitches after switching arms.”

What do fans and critics on YouTube think? Many are unimpressed with the left side.

“I’m a lefty pitcher and I’m not saying that he’s not good but his lefty doesn’t look all that great. It seems like a very awkward and forced delivery if you ask me.”

“[F]irst off, what an amazing ability. but not for nothing, his arm slot from the left side is terrible”


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