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Susan Boyle I Don’t Know How To Love Him!

Susan Boyle I Don’t Know How To Love Him

VIDEO! Here is the 25 year old Susan Boyle YouTube video of I Don’t Know How To Love Him (Jesus Christ Superstar. Susan Boyle’s I Don’t Know How To Love Him from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar is currently the youngest recording to ever be found of the singer.


The room suddenly gets silent as a wonderful Boyle delivers the song inside her house in town of Blackburn, West Lothian. The reaction is great.

Susan’s brother Gerry says:

“It was a very emotional night. It goes quiet when Susan sings, it always does. She always has that effect.”

The performance is amazing. Of course, what did you expect!

For other videos of Susan Boyle uncovered and reported on LALATE, click here:

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