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Kaseem Penn PHOTOS!

Keshia and Kaseem - Keshia Knight Pulliam and Kaseem Penn

PHOTOS! Below are pictures of Kaseem Penn who stars in Keshia and Kaseem on Oxygen with girlfriend Keshia Knight Pulliam (Cosby Show’s Rudy) as LALATE broke first earlier today.

Who is Kaseem Penn? Kaseem explains that age 3 he was severely burned and scared during a house fire.

At the age of three, life as a child turned near tragic when Kaseem, his mother, sister and brother were severely burned in a house fire. After months of vigorous operations, therapy and rehabilitation, Kaseem and the rest of his family members were released to face the world with a new uniqueness of which only the immediate four could relate. As most would become self conscious and depressed, Kaseem had a different mindset. Knowing early on that his scars would create involuntary attention, Kaseem embraced his life, his scars and learned quickly how to use his uniqueness to his advantage. Kaseem credits his strength, unconventional mind, and effectively creative ways of thinking to this very event.

LALATE broke to you Oxygen’s initial announcement of Keshia and Kaseem earlier today, a new reality series in development with no release date, although one should expect a 2009 fall release:

Former Cosby kid Keshia Knight Pulliam (”Rudy”) and her entrepreneur boyfriend and business partner, Kaseem Penn, learn first-hand how the trivial turns epic when newly cohabitating. Together for almost two years, Keshia has recently forsaken her Atlanta home, spending most of her time at Kaseem’s place in the exclusive Cascades community of Atlanta. Between Keshia’s exploding television and movie career, and Kaseem’s many business endeavors, the relationship questions loom… Is it possible to have a successful union without the ceremony? This docu-series follows the ups and downs of being young, rich, single… AND living together. Executive produced by Tracey E. Edmonds of Edmonds Entertainment (”College Hill,” “Soul Food”); Keshia Knight Pulliam and Kaseem Penn of Pullpen Productions.

What is online reaction tonight? Some websites are happy about the new series with Kaseem considering what else Oxygen rolled out today to press – no less three total Tori Spelling show, yes three Tori Spelling shows – a bit overboard says net reaction tonight. That story up next.


Kaseem adds:

Kaseem has recently partnered with actress Keshia Knight Pulliam to form a television and film production company called PULLPENN PRODUCTIONS INC. Kaseem also plans to take his consulting mainstream with YOUR THINK ASSISTANT, INC. and it doesn’t stop there. Kaseem is developing several other businesses, writing books and it is rumored that he may have invented a new sport.

The website for PullPenn has nothing currently on it.

“I know when I step into a room I have this unique physical characteristic that sets me apart from millions. I understand this about my markings and look at them as a blessing. I have been assigned a specific roll and I know that only I have been created for this purpose. For everything that has happened to me since birth, has created the man that I am today. Everything that I do and say will greatly and forever affect the world.”

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