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Carlie Christine PHOTOS!

Carlie Christine PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of Playboy’s Carlie Christine. Carlie Christine’s n*** Playboy photos got the Model Mayhem #756313 teacher for Casa Robles cheerleading team fired.

Yes, cheerleading, Playboy, Model Mayhem, and teacher all in one story. It doesn’t get any better than this. Happy Wednesday to you too, from LALATE!

Carlie Christine Pictures
Carlie Christine Photo 1
Carlie Christine Photo 2
Carlie Christine Photo 3
Carlie Christine Photo 4
Carlie Christine Photo 5
Carlie Christine Photo 6
Carlie Christine Photo 7
Carlie Christine Photo 8
Carlie Christine Photo 9
Carlie Christine Photo 10

Playboy says of Carlie:

Carlie has the yin and yang thing down pat. At work, she specializes in relaxation by giving facials at a day spa. At play, she loves trying “anything extreme,” including scuba diving and dirt bike riding. She also loves spending time putting on makeup just so she can mess it up later. And what makes a woman sexy? “A good pair of heels always helps,” she says knowingly.
Carlie Christine
Sacramento, CA
Date of Birth: 05/28/88
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 105 lbs.
Measurements: 34D-24-34

Carlie Christine is the Cyber Girl of the Week for February 9, 2009.

What does local CBS News says of Carlie?

…. A lot of parents and faculty are talking and looking.

How ironic.

What apparently uncovered the coach was when some girls didn’t make the cheerleading squad because they had a few unexcused absences from school. Their parents then made copies of Christine and dropped the pictures on the principal’s desk.

A parent said:”The girls are supposed to look up their coaches.” Well, what’s wrong with us guys … looking up … to her too!

Carlie says on Model Mayhem she won’t pose n****:

About me
My priority right now is to diversify my portfolio (of course, I’m still available for legitimate modelling opportunities); I am also open for event appearances and promotions.

I am willing to travel if expenses are paid

As far as nudes..
No I do not.


I am shorter in stature but photograph very proportionate and I stay thin and toned.
I currently have shoulder-length natural brown hair and intend on keeping it the same from now on.
I do have four small tattoos that I cover with makeup or have airbrushed out for photos unless they are wanted for the shoot.

If I have never shot with you before, I reserve the right to bring an escort with me to every shoot.

One of the hottest girls ever to appear on LALATE!

Visit here online: Model Mayhem

Here is a myspace video

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