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Smiley Face Killer, PHOTO!

Smiley Face Killer, PHOTO

PHOTO! Here is a picture of the Smiley Face left by the alleged Smiley Face killer at his murder scenes. Is the Smiley Face murderer real?

Today, families of the alleged Smiley Face murderer are combining forces to prove he exists and that the crimes are related. In 11 states, over 10 years, the Smiley Face killer has murdered 50 men, generally the same demographic, claims the families today in a new report.

The hurdle is that police have often ruled the cases accidental deaths, not homicides, and not admitted any connection between them.

The above photo is one of a typical sketch left by the alleged killer near the murder scene. Often the murdered victims were males leaving bars whose deaths were made to look accidental, washed down a river for example, in essence a perfect crime.

Now after 10 years, the victims are trying to prove the crimes are connected.

Often, the victims are seeing leaving establishments sober, only to be seen stumbling shortly thereafter outside, causing families to suspect drugging was among the tools used by the Smiley Face Killer.

Catch the rest of the story today on GMA

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