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Going John Galt Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged!

Going John Galt Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged

What is Going John Galt? Going John Galt from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is championed by Michelle Malkin and others now against Obama policies.

Who is John Galt? What is Atlas? And how does it work? Here’s the background.

In 1957, John Galt was depicted by Ayn Rand in the novel Atlas Shrugged. Galt in Atlas Shrugged as explained by the Village Voice ” leads the “producers” of American society — mostly wealthy industrialists — in a strike to show the socialist little people, aka “parasites,” who’s boss.”

Rand’s Center says this month that sales of the 1957 book reached an all time high in winter 2008 and now with Obama’s new policies have tripled the first seven weeks of 2009.

Going John Galt calls for reducing your income, reducing your business growth, so as not to subsidy others. Writes one author:

By going John Galt – reducing my income to the point that I no longer subsidize anyone else via government imposed wealth transfers – I hope to hasten the inevitable collapse. The H.E.N.R.Y.s feel the same way; people who are in the dreaded eeevil, mean capitalist pig $250,000 bracket are cutting back on their productivity. As they should – where does society get the right to enslave these people? The faster the 40% opts out, the sooner the collapse, and the sooner we can correct the situation.

Think of it as praying the alcoholic in your family will hit rock bottom sooner, rather than later. It’s time to stop enabling the entitlement mentality. It’s time to let go of our co-dependency and desire to be liked. It’s time for an intervention. It’s time to go John Galt.

 Michelle Malkin is now the unofficial leader of the Going John Galt movement. In her syndicated column this week, Malkin explains:

While they take to the streets politically, untold numbers of America’s wealth producers are going on strike financially. Dr. Helen Smith, a Knoxville forensic pathologist and political blogger, dubbed the phenomenon “Going Galt” last fall. It’s a reference to the famed Ayn Rand novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” in which protagonist John Galt leads the entrepreneur class to cease productive activities in order to starve the government of revenue. (Not coincidentally, Rand’s novel sales are up and John Galt references punctuated many of the Tea Party demonstrations.)

For more reading on the movement, click here.


  1. John Reading

    March 12, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    Since Atlas Shrugged is filled with wisdom, most of what you read about it will be lies. The same morons telling us that our current economic troubles were caused by the free market are the ones who will also lie about Rand and her work. Read it yourself. Carefully.

  2. Defeated by revulsion

    March 13, 2009 at 6:01 am

    Richard’s comments are the first intelligent comments on Atlas i have seen in the last 50 days. It is clear Richard has read and understood the book. So many completely misrespresent Atlas, either intentionally or though stupidity or ignorance.

    I shall reaffirm some of these statements and
    dispell some of the misinformation. Atlas is not a condemnation of the poor and celebration of the rich. It draws a contrast between those who produce value, be it as an industrial leader or the person who works as a cook in a diner; and those who do nothing but take by getting the government to change the rules in their favor.

    Richard is correct — James Taggart and his high society, rich friends are the ones who Rand really discredits, not so much the so called “common man”. Taggart’s group of friends produce no value, the survive by manipulating others through private collective action at first, then by government action. They attempt to profit on stock market transactions taken on non-public information.

    Lastly, if you have not read this book, do not skip over John Galt’s radio address. Many in the media urge you to do so. It is here where the ideas are put on display. It is not easy reading, but take the time to read and understand.

  3. blah blah

    April 7, 2009 at 1:32 am

    Yep, the media seems to put up a straw man. They try to laugh this off as a strike of CEOs. But it’s not a strike of the pointy-haired bosses. It’s a strike of Dilberts.

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