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Kendra Andrews PHOTOS!

Kendra Andrews PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are hot pictures of Kendra Andrews, Erin Andrews’ sister. Kendra Andrews is as cute as Erin Andrews from ESPN (above). It’s been over a week since LALATE has reported on Erin, or Pam Oliver, or Ines Sainz. If you too are going into withdrawal – quick, enjoy some Kendra Andrews.

Kendra Andrews Pictures Set 1
Kendra Andrews Photo 1
Kendra Andrews Photo 2
Kendra Andrews Photo 3

Kendra Andrews Pictures Set 2
Kendra Andrews Photo 4
Kendra Andrews Photo 5
Kendra Andrews Photo 6

The guy in the middle is Dan Patrick. If you see him, make sure you bow in his presence. He has had the true honor of standing next to Erin and Kendra and being able to brag remember it all over the net.

Erin Andrews was named America’s Hottest Sportscaster in 2007. But, honestly, she still should have that title.

Erin Andrews Pictures
Erin Andrew Photos 1
Erin Andrew Photos 2
Erin Andrew Photos 3
Erin Andrew Photos 4
Erin Andrew Photos 5
Erin Andrew Photos 6
Erin Andrew Photos 7

And yes, the last picture is LALATE’s favorite.

Erin Andrews was born in 1978 in Maine. She joined ESPN in May 2004 for their Hockey coverage, but since 2004 has been sideline reporter for ESPN College Football Saturday telecast.

But Erin is a reporter of all seasons covering also Saturday Primetime college basketball game and Big Ten college basketball coverage for ESPN.

So without causing mass hysteria, who is hotter?
1. Pam Oliver
2. Erin Andrews
3. Ines Sainz

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  1. d*** sperm

    October 7, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    erin gave the best head in high school!!! we called her hoover andrews

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