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Lil Kim Prison Sentence – Why did Lil Kim Go to Jail?

Lil Kim Prison Sentence - Why did Lil Kim Go to Jail

Why did Lil Kim go to jail? Tonight has been Lil Kim prison sentence curiosity night for Dancing with the Stars‘ premiere.


Bad exposition. If you are going to put Lil Kim on Dancing, give some background to viewers. Even though reality tv is not scripted, the format is structural and more clarification was needed.

Kim during her prison sentence watched Dancing.

“Me and my girls used to watch it and they would say, ‘You need to be on that show.’

“In prison you have to agree to on what to watch [and Dancing] was the number one show. We watched it faithfully and we were so into it.”

On costumes for the show she said:

“Those are natural Lil’ Kim outfits.”

On Derek Hough:

“I prayed and was hoping to have Derek as my partner. When those doors opened and I saw him, I was like ‘Yes!’”

So why did Lil Kim go to jail? Lil Kim only served 10 months in a Philadelphia detention center in 2005 for lying to a federal grand jury about a Manhattan radio station shooting. But Lil Kim reportedly had faced up to 20 years being found guilty of three counts of perjury and one count of conspiring with a co-defendant; each count carried a maximum five-year term.

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  1. B Evans

    May 20, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Ummmm, so, why did she go to jail??????

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