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840 Pound Bahia Emerald PHOTO!

840 Pound Bahia Emerald PHOTO

PHOTO! LALATE has a picture of that 840 pound Bahia Emerald. Of course, LALATE wishes it had the actual 840 pound Bahia Emerald.

Who wouldn’t.

Back in December, ironically on the day of after Christmas sales, LALATE reported on the the Bahia Emerald, an 850 pound emerald, found in Vegas. Back then, the Bahia Emerald’s owner was still a mystery.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had then announced recovery of the Bahia Emerald, worth $370 million. The stone is from Brazil originally and believed to be the second largest stone of its type in the world. It had been in El Monte but was stolen in September 2008. By December it was found in Las Vegas.

So who owns it now?

Yes, the story has not changed from December, except now 5 people claim ownership. Come on – you know you want to claim ownership too! Now the emerald is more contested than David Beckham’s LA Galaxy contract.

Guess what police tells FOX:

“It seems like the more we talk to people, the more people claim to have ownership over this thing. We haven’t determined who’s not a suspect, really.”


Now a judge will decide. The matter goes before a Los Angeles court today. If you want to rush down there and jump in and say its yours too, you might still have time.

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