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Dani Sperle PHOTOS!

Dani Sperle PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here again are photo of Dani Sperle, the Brazilian samba dancer who broke the Carnaval record! Dani Sperle broke the Carnival Rio de Janiero Brazilian record this week. The previous record holder is the equally hot Viviane Castro. Of course, is anyone in Brazil not hot?

Dani Sperle Pictures

Dani Sperle Photo 1
Dani Sperle Photo 2
Dani Sperle Photo 3
Dani Sperle Photo 4
Dani Sperle Photo 5
Dani Sperle Photo 6

It wasn’t the easiest task finding Sperle photos, even low quality. But at least the editing of them was enjoyable.

Update – here are pictures and video of Viviane Castro.

Viviane Castro Pictures
Viviane Castro Photos 1
Viviane Castro Photos 2
Viviane Castro Photos 3
Viviane Castro Photos 4
Viviane Castro Photos 5
Viviane Castro Photos 6

Castro recently performed her moves in an “educational” video for a local radio station.


Sperle’s outfit for Carnaval:

1. headdress
2. necklace
3. arm bands
4. 1.2 inches long piece of clothing.

This week, economically downturned Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive¬† reportedly cut prices from $1500 to a mere $275 for a single price of shoes. Sperle cut her clothing too, from Viviane Castro’s previous record of a single of piece of clothing measuring 1.5 inches to Sperle’s 1.2 inches.

The bigger question – who gets to measure the Brazilian girl’s clothing … better yet, and are they hiring?

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