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Amy Jacobson Bikini VIDEO!

Amy Jacobson Bikini VIDEO

Amy Jacobson’s BIKINI VIDEO case gave Amy a big win today. In the Amy Jacobson Bikini Video lawsuit, a Cook County judge said Jacobson, a former NBC-5 reporter, can proceed in her lawsuit against CBS Broadcasting Inc.

CBS-2 ran and commented on a July 2007 tape. In the bikini video, Jacobson was recorded in her bathing suit inside the home of Craig Stebic.


Amy’s lawsuit is also against the person who shot the video.

Associate Cook County Judge Elizabeth Budzinski granted four of the eight counts in Jacobson’s defamation suit to proceed. The ruling states:

It cannot be said that the statements made during the … CBS broadcast were more capable of an innocent construction than the alleged defamatory meaning ascribed to the statements by  [Jacobson] in her complaint.

The CBS newscaster presented  the footage with statement made in the form of insinuations and questions regarding Jacobson activities while at the Stebic home… these statements … suggest that Jacobson used improper methods in cultivating sources and obtaining stories. The statements were made in a specific factual context … and had a precise and readily understood meaning – that Jacobson was engaging in improper conduct.

The statements made by the CBS reporters during the broadcast regarding Jacobson are capable of being proven true or false. Thus these statements are actionable. ..

The broadcast suggested that Jacobson used improper methods such as adultery  in cultivating sources and obtaining stories…

[Statements made on Ch. 2] could be found by a jury to be offensive to a reasonable person where they imputed that J lacked the ability and integrity to discharge the duties of her employment as a reporter. And that she used improper and seductive means to get her stories.

Here are legal links from the Tribune.

CBS’ original motion to dismiss from last October (.pdf)  Download CBS ORIGINAL MOTION

Jacobson’s reply from December (.pdf) Download JACOBSON REPLY

CBS’ reply to Jacobson (.pdf) Download CBS REPLY


  1. Bill

    September 12, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    I believe she has something to do with that missing woman. Why else would she have taken her children to a suspected murderers home? It sure wasn’t for the story. That would be to risky for any woman to do.

    Plus look at how sneaky she looks. She’s looking around for people hoping no one will see her. She knew exactly what she was doing and should be investigated as an accessory.

  2. Del Ali

    November 9, 2011 at 9:48 am

    Now that Cain says he never saw Bialak, what does conservative talk show host Amy Jacobson (WMAQ – Chicago) say now? Remember she swears she saw Bialak with Cain one month ago!

    Hannity and Limbaugh were making a big deal about this yesterday before Cain’s press conference when Cain said he NEVER saw Bialak! In fact, Hannity was going to have her on his show last night before Cain’s press conference. Today, not a single right winger or for that fact any other media pundit or journalist has brought up Amy Jacobson! I cannot believe NONE of you brought this up after Cain’s press conference.

    Either Amy Jacobson is a liar or Cain is a liar, correct? I urge you to call this out not just with Cain but to all right wing blowhards who all of a sudden never heard of their fellow righty Amy J.

    Del Ali

    I have sent this to all media outlets and would expect you to own up to either you were wrong or Cain’s a liar. There is no possible spin you can put on this. Remember, your a right winger and at the core of your values is that grey areas and platitudes do not exist, everything is black and white and Yes or No. This applies here as well, plain and simple.

    If you admit your wrong then fine and I will have respect for you, please do not try to spin this.

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